This morning I had an incredible shave. It is one of my favorite things to do and a good way to start the day and the week. It’s a fairly involved and mindful ritual and it is the one thing that will keeping me in the bathroom for a long time. I so enjoyed it this time around that I thought it would be worth sharing the experience.


I take my shaving ritual to be an act of minimalism in that I reject the constant rush toward bigger and better things, and rather focus on the real and effective.

Quite a bit of marketing dollars have been spent over the last 9 years attempting to convince me that the razor Gillette sent to me on my 18th birthday can’t compete with the innovations since. First 3 blades, 3 that vibrate, 4 blades, 5 blades, 5 blades that vibrate, and lately the Fusion ProGlide Power Razor – Special Edition.

A special edition razor? Is this something to pass down to my children? A Chinese made marketing gimmick? It really offends me; not to mention the myriad branded products and lotions that go along with it. So my choice is to reject the buy-buy-buy and instead stick to a classic: safety razor.

My Routine


  • Allow faucet water to warm as to a high heat. Soak a washcloth.
  • Compress the hot, wet cloth against your face, pausing for 10 seconds or so, softening you hair.
  • Continue this for a few minutes as hot as you can stand.
  • Use a badger hair shaving brush to mix up some shaving soap in a cup. Use hot water to work up a thick lather.
  • Allow the lather to sit a little while you insert a freshly unwrapped blade into your razor).
  • Apply the lather to your face, mindfully working the bristles against the skin.
  • Heat the razor under hot water.
  • Slowly pull the blade across your skin, washing and re-heating it with each major stroke.
  • Check your face and use some extra lather to ensure a clean shave all around.
  • Wipe down with the washcloth.


  • Enjoy the absolute glory as you apply a cooling lotion to your freshly shaven face.
  • Allow girlfriend (or boyfriend) to kiss face.

I will say this now, and mark my words: I have never had a closer, more irritation free shave than that with the above method. Nothing from Gillette comes close.

The other thing about this process that is quite minimal is it’s impact on my wallet. Which brings me to my next topic…


Let’s do the math:

  • My Initial investment: $142.76 (Includes razor, cup, soap, and brush.)
  • My Maintenance cost: $13.63 / Year (50 double sided blades, soap.)

I shave usually once a week, and the soap seems to last forever, so these costs could go down. The alternative however…

For comparisons sake let’s take 100 blades (double sided, so that’s 200 shaves) so a shave every 1.825 days… let’s just say every other day. When I used to shave all the time, with fusions, I’d have to replace every two weeks minimum so say 25 cartridges needed per year.

  • Initial investment: $17.88 (Includes razor, shave gel.)
  • Maintenance cost: $95.97 / Year (3 packs, 8 count blades.)

The costs are fairly the same for two years… IF AND ONLY IF you are not a sheep and keep your boring ass Fusion ProGlide Power Razor – Special Edition when the Galactic UltraGlide Mega Super Cutmaster Razor - Rouge Edition comes out later this year. Obviously after that you continue to save money sticking with the tried and true safety razor.

Best of luck!

August 6, 2012 0 Share this